Rustic Natural Church Entrance

I always believe one of the most important things to do when decorating a church is to have a really nicely decorated entrance to the wedding venue, be it a church or civil cermony. I feel that the tone of the wedding is almost set by it and if you see beautiful decor as you approach, it creates an air of anticipation and excitement. There are also some practical reasons too as some guest may not know if they have the right church or not, if they are travelling from further afield so if the entrance is decorated one knows they are in the right spot.

The church door is the ideal photo opportunity also to take your family photographs and provides a beautiful frame for it.

With this is mind Mum, Aida and I thought we would love to creature a lovely natural country woodland scene for a church entrance. So with that in mind we decided to purchase a new faux green grass carpet runner(Now available for hire), loaded up our vans with props and headed on a little trip to Brosna Church, Co. Kerry to shoot some pics. Here’s what we came up with……IMG_5086      IMG_5099  IMG_5103 IMG_5105 IMG_5107 IMG_5109 IMG_5110 IMG_5113 IMG_5114 IMG_5115 IMG_5120