Our recent Confetti Magazine/ Catherine Dean Collaboration

We recently teamed up with Ireland’s number 1 We.dding magazine Confetti and Irish born, internationally-renowned designer Catherine Deane. Catherine creates beautiful, vintage-inspired wedding dresses with luxury fabrics in stunningly subtle colourways.

Shot at her family’s ancestral home, Springfield Castle in Limerick, by the superb guys at Story of Eve, the film is as romantic and breathtaking as the collection itself.

You can see the beautiful still images from the shoot in the brand new spring issue of Confetti







Coming soon for 2016

12705720_1133666563342656_8570625902935482980_nComing Soon! Some new ideas already in design and available to hire: Floral frame with decorative easel in Ivorys and also Blush Pink ideal of table plan or ceremony welcome, Super Tall fresh bamboo trees to line a church aisle or frame an entrance, Floral Garlands for pews, Large light up vintage love letters for venue, Wedding Post Box for reception PLUS our very own Tie The Knot flower farm where we will be organically growing our own seasonal blooms and foliage. We are soooooo excited for 2016!!! (Photo credit Pinterest)

Tie The Knot Weddings Competition

****Tie The Knot Weddings Competition Time****

We have an AMAZING prize up for grabs for any Brides, Grooms and their friends.

All You Have To Do Is “Like” AND “Share” the competition on our facebook page To Be In With A Chance Of Winning everything in this picture for a wedding in 2016/2017!!! www.facebook.com/tietheknotweddings
Competition closes 26th March 2016

Prize includes:
4 x Extra Large Ivory Cherry Blossom trees adorned with hanging glass votives and candles
Our stunning ivory carpet runner finished with dancing flame candles for aisle floor along with 12 fresh gypsophila arrangements and fabric bows for seats
Sets of lanterns for entrance complete with red carpet
*Delivery not included
**Available for Limerick/Kerry Weddings onlyIMG_6276

Killarney Wedding – Kerry & Ger – Cathedral and The Europe Hotel and Resort

Thanks so much to Kerry & Ger for allowing me to share such beautiful photographs of their wedding flowers from their amazing day last August in Killarney, Co Kerry at St Marys Cathedral Killarney and The Europe Hotel and Resort. Photo credit goes to the very talented www.elainekennedy.com. It was such a pleasure to work with Kerry who from the very start was one of the most laid back brides we had in 2015. xx


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Killarney Wedding

Killarney Wedding

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Rustic Natural Church Entrance

I always believe one of the most important things to do when decorating a church is to have a really nicely decorated entrance to the wedding venue, be it a church or civil cermony. I feel that the tone of the wedding is almost set by it and if you see beautiful decor as you approach, it creates an air of anticipation and excitement. There are also some practical reasons too as some guest may not know if they have the right church or not, if they are travelling from further afield so if the entrance is decorated one knows they are in the right spot.

The church door is the ideal photo opportunity also to take your family photographs and provides a beautiful frame for it.

With this is mind Mum, Aida and I thought we would love to creature a lovely natural country woodland scene for a church entrance. So with that in mind we decided to purchase a new faux green grass carpet runner(Now available for hire), loaded up our vans with props and headed on a little trip to Brosna Church, Co. Kerry to shoot some pics. Here’s what we came up with……IMG_5086      IMG_5099  IMG_5103 IMG_5105 IMG_5107 IMG_5109 IMG_5110 IMG_5113 IMG_5114 IMG_5115 IMG_5120

Bouquet Finishes

I always think it’s really important to finish a wedding bouquet off nicely. You have gone to so much effort picking out the perfect bouquet then it almost seems incomplete if the handle isn’t decorated properly.

I love the idea of introducing the texture of ribbon to a bouquet. It’s not for everyone nor does it go with every wedding dress but when the theme is right and the look is there, the potential for something WOW can come from something so simple as a statement ribbon or fabric.

Pictures Below – CREDIT – Pinterest 0d4c56b4b1e23da658eeba7a4527388d 1aa0f3ab812a9ccb90fa7ff5142119af 3cbeab8b42f391a818cf511c485cf72b 5ce3512d4a7b184694e3d513ee599bc9 6bfb37c42bebcafb48814d9f455a7037 6e3c844de8d3be2552980e857c16a6e0 7e918db84d1e4066d6a8ef26320e3842 7f2fd08c67d75c2fecf0fee9e5827647 8bf4902468af92a8bf9d951a44992fd6 9edec68a54aa0b2e047cdfdb1421f584 9f52ead68e02ca14f97869773184c13b 15ca0f8c11ffb5e99bbeccf2319ea4da 19ada84370dc74c73f0522e7aa1fc988 21c191038412d4fdb52fb01ea04ece3f 28ea0419c45f707a740db9bc62f6d353 29bb19d3754d69abb1a457c921d2dade 54c591a478404a8af4643be68b8d7e22 94e7a7e61ba2f02b7bc3e0af56c6abd5 433cf8f746550cb6c09bd31be838bf85 832abb2b7e55decc9262d5520c1d8a99 1897b734d22b4d14653dd92e2ad9160a 3492a9186d7da98f7a509a2ded7c2432 6807f4c64654b69c44343538b5f004d6 479949b99ca964bbe03887176ad621fa 17038927834a877cc672c39031a36c80 a4b90748a4cf5ad7223687fc49346161 a209e67da5de3b56fea9f4ff470a2a87 bd3f47fe8deacba96ea64d0478977481 d761166a64b2a00d8fb782ee38492c25 de80b87a41df8b723eb7dedb011968fc f8bc46864460ee30ded03637daa131bf f15e28fd14e47d3589322116d238f1c3 f827b53baab82d2e0c1a4ee15ed1bf40 (1) f827b53baab82d2e0c1a4ee15ed1bf40 f52340f24301a87e37b69a11503b5ece