Autumn has arrived to our shop

Autumn has arrived! Horaah!!! We love all the autumn shades of deep red, browns, burgandys, zesty greens and oranges which are out this time of the year. We have just done a little revamp of the inside of the shop buying old bits and pieces from 2nd hand stores and auctions and upstyling them ourselves with our own personal finishes using fab paints, decoupage, fabric and stencils. (When i say “we” i really mean Mum, i just like the stand back and watch the pro in order and help do shop). We had great fun doing this little photoshoot, makes me want to throw on a pair of wellies and go mad in a field somewhere! Danielle <3        ff



Earth’s volcano timelapse

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Molly and Mark’s Adare Wedding Day

Molly and Mark got married this summer during the amazing heatwave. Molly’s Mum Mary found us via Weddings Online and chose us to work on her daughter’s big day. We were thrilled. Mary was such a superstar planner with a fantastic eye and great attention to detail. As Molly and Mary were from the States so we had to do alot of the work via email and telephone calls and had never met. I really have to say I enjoyed our chats so so much and Mary truly was such a sweetheart and one of the nicest Mother of the Brides i have worked with.

We finally got to meet for a chat the week of the wedding and i was delighted to have been part of their special day. The morning of the wedding the sun was shining which was absolutely glorious and even though they ran out of water in the house they were staying in that morning, they were in such fantastic form, it was like Xmas morning.

Here are some of the pics from the big day which was captured by

Mary and I are still mailing each other even though the wedding is well over. I was so happy we crossed paths and we got to meet. Fantastic people and one truly memorable wedding for us and them xxxxxx6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3baa7e970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3baa8e970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3baa40970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3baa57970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3baa78970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3baa85970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3baa94970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3baaa4970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3baabc970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3baac3970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3baac7970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3baacd970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3baad8970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3baadd970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3baaf6970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3baafb970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3bab0b970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3bab1b970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3bab3e970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3bab5e970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3bab7f970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3bab8d970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3bab05970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3bab17970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3bab21970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3bab30970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3bab36970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3bab51970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3bab62970b-800wi 6a00e5500e488c8834019aff3bab96970b-800wi

Our vintage retro milk bottles – love…love…love!!

IMG_3170The last lots of our vintage retro glass milk bottles with basket flew out the door so we now have them back in stock, ideal gift or treat, perfect for some fresh blooms and greenery. You can top up yourself with some bits from the garden and change it up for all the different seasons. Here’s one we did up today. A bargain from 9.99e xxxx

Some previous weddings we have done

We have been lucky enough to have worked with some AMAZING FUN brides, here’s a handful of pics from their big day. It’s always so great to get to see the end result as we usually see them in their dressing gowns having the breakfast that morning! 😉



Our Brand New Exclusive CANDLE LIGHT & LANTERN PACKAGE is now Available with stunning candlelight from the front entrance as guests arrive right up to the back altar of your church. For details mail us on


stunning candlelight



We LOVE Old Furniture

Mum and I have a worrying obsession with all things “old” and we LOVE old furniture and second hand shops and the joy of seeing the finished piece after we have worked our magic on it. There is growing interest in vintage china tea sets for reception drinks or as table centre pieces involving flowers. I found a tonne of tea sets this morning for any Brides who are on the hunt for some. Check out Tim Cronin’s used furniture shore in Faranfore, Kerry. LOADS available


old furniture